Each time you go to a doctor, hospital or other healthcare businesses a record of the visit is made. Usually this record contains information concerning treatment given to you and other information concerning your healthcare. This information is an important part of the care we provide for you and is called Protected Health Information.

Federal and state laws regulate how MiLady's uses, releases, and maintains your information. When you come to MiLady's you give our staff health information so that we can provide appropriate care. We are permitted by law to use your health information for your care, to share it with other health care providers involved with your care, and to use your health care information to obtain payment from your insurance and other payers.

You must provide written authorization for any individual other than us for release of your protected health information. Also, you may revoke authorization at any time in writing to us.

You have certain rights regarding the health information we maintain about you, including the right to review your information and to make copies of it.


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